Quick Impressions, E3 Day 0:

TastyWhale June 5, 2012 0

ZombiU: Dead Island (dead hotel, I don’t know) has shown us that a great trailer doesn’t make a great game. I’ll wait til there is gameplay footage. I do like that this looks BLOODY and VIOLENT on a NINTENDO SYSTEM.
*UPDATE* Uuuuh, watch this. If this is what the Wii-U controller thingie will be capable of (and actually utilize) I’m in:

Last Of Us: Do want. Did they take the level designers from Ninja Theory? PS3 will get some love! (I think it is an exclusive, dunno)

Wii-U control pad: Makes sense. Can’t say they are copying Microsoft 360 controller, just that the form factor works. It might have too many buttons, but this argument has been made since joysticks came with a fire button.

Wii-U has online something: Good. About fucking time. The Wii market place really wasn’t much more than what Japan had with the damn Famicon.

Microsoft Smart Glass: ooooh, this I want. This I need.

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