Malicious Slander of superheroes by Rex Velvet, or is the “villain” being framed?

TastyWhale June 28, 2012 0

Yesterday Rex Velvet and other sources linked to an article describing a charity fundraiser for victims of domestic violence as having its funds being missapropriated by Purple Reign and Phoenix Jones. Source link. Note that it was originally posted Saturday the 23rd, gaining no notoriety until Rex Velvet posted about this (he has quite the Twitter and FB following).

However, this morning it is being rebutted by Purple Reign as a smear campaign against the Rain City Superhero Movement. Several people beleive it is being done by the Social Villians Alliance, as shown by this growing discussion:

As seen on Facebook. Netziens are getting riled up on this discussion of potential slander.

Interestingly, there seems to be a copy-cat/imposter of Rex Velvet that is stirring up this hornet’s nest. I’m not going to link to the imposter-page (it isn’t a public figure, it is a personal page), and it was made quite recently, looks like crap, and has NO history to it. The real Rex Velvet wouldn’t have this ugly of a format from what I’ve seen…

Tasty Whale is reaching out to both sides to get additional information about this growing rivalry.

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