UPDATEx4! Holy crap it is over lots of text wootz! FJ tries to bully The Oatmeal for $20k, Oatmeal responds with $113+K (uuh, $185+ now wow! (holy farts, ended at $211k+!!!)) donation elsewhere and a “Fuck You”. Now lawyers wife is effin’ crazy as shit-balls too!

TastyWhale July 3, 2012 0

In order to stop some of the legal bullshittery, Mr. Inman took a photo of his own money.
And has documented the money transfer process.

And then the case was over. LAH is deeming this a victory, somehow.

He can still reopen this case, which to me seems like a threat, but hopefully this whole shitstorm has ended. It seems the charities are getting the money, Inman isn’t losing money (just time), and netziens have justfully defended TO.

Oh, and I’d like to point out that Funny Junk doesn’t seem to have been involved with the latter crazy half of these legal shenanigans. So, good for them.

Jesus WTF Christ?
I’m not even touching the topic of Mrs. LAH. I can’t wait for this to come to an end with The Oats on top.

Well, it looks like just over $100K will be going to each charity (and that is after the Indiegogo cut).

…total funds raised at $220,024.00 — almost exactly 11 times the original goal of $20k. IndieGoGo takes 4%, so that puts the total money going to charity at $211,223.04.

Somewhat unfortunately, this money is stuck going to only those two charities. After the initial goal was super-surpassed Matthew said he wanted to split it among additional charities, but some lawyer ass-hat (LAH, from now on) would potentially use that as “not honoring where the money was going” or somesuchshit, so just pro-bear and anti-cancer money for now.

As long as LAH doesn’t put a court-ordered hold on the money (see, “What Ass-Hats do” = LAH “…has provided notice that he intends to ask the court for a restraining order which will stop the transfer of funds from Indiegogo.”)

Word from the Oat’s mouth here:

UPDATE! (6/18):
I just can’t even. Seriously?
I’m not even going to bother writing up how FJ is now also suing IndieGogo Inc., National Wildlife Federation, American Cancer Society, and apparently “DOES” which means anyone else they want to tag on.

See Matthew Inman’s official response here:

On better news, $185K so far ($184,936 as of this writing, which is close enough to 185.). Hopefully FJ just gets ousted as being a whiney bitch, somehow shut down (I dunno, Internet contempt?), and then The Oatmeal rides a bear into battle against the looming threat of cancer, with a sword made of Sriracha and $185k+.

———-Original published below on: Jun 12, 2012 @ 10:59—————–

Well. The website (I’m not mentioning it’s name nor linking, they don’t deserve any publicity; we’ll say “Fucking-Jerk”, or FJ for short (I’ll mix it up, huzzah!)) most people haven’t heard of is trying to sue The Oatmeal for defamation.
The charges are based on a comic Matthew Inman posted a year ago about how FJ had many of his comics uploaded and shared out without crediting the author. Some, but not all were taken down with the excuse that “it is user uploaded content”. In my oppinion users are too damn lazy to MSPaint out the by-line on each comic, so something more nefarious was afoot.

Anyways, on June 2nd a letter was sent to Matthew Inman from a lawyer (prosecutor, attourney, whatever) saying that he must remove all defamatory content of Fucking-Jerk AND pay FJ $20,000 by June 12th (today). The Oatmeal’s response was concise: “Fuck you, I’m going to raise money for animals and cancer patients” (our paraphrasing).

For a bit more info on this (and pretty pretty pictures!) please go to http://theoatmeal.com/blog/funnyjunk_letter.
If you feel moved by this rediculous legal witchhunt, then go to BearLove Good. Cancer Bad. and donate some pocket cash. We donated my lunch money ($10).

Oh, and a suggestion for The Oatmeal: I suggest you contact Penny-Arcade as they have some experience with legal jack-assery on the web. They are local too!
PS: Legal Logo LOL:

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