UPDATE: @ $400+k, less than 2 weeks left! Penny Arcade Sells Out… err, Kickstarted!

TastyWhale August 1, 2012 0

Kickfunded? I don’t even know! But it sounds exciting and I feel like I’m going to donate more money than I should!

So, years past Penny Arcade had a donate button and asked for money to keep working on the site. Surprisingly, it worked! They were able to play games, pay rent, buy food, and make PA comics. I remember this time, though I will admit I was still in school and didn’t have a balanced bank account. They eventually got more organized, set up more like a business where they were making money instead of spending it (right now Tasty Whale is in the latter category). Bamn, no more need for donations they just used pageviews to generate ad-revenue.

Apparently Mike and Jerry liked this. They liked that they could have a more direct relationship with thier readership by not having to pander to advertisers (though they did only advertise things they liked! To me this was a really amazing thing they could do). So, in what I’m honestly not sure was scripted they set set up a Kickstarter fund video:

The initial goal is $250K, but they have LOTS of stretch goals, most of which haven’t been revealed. So far they are just different adverts being removed, with the $1million (well, $999,999) goal being ZERO adverts on http://penny-arcade.com/.

So, if you are a gamer, nerd, fan, you should go and fund Penny Arcade. Seriously.

(originally posted 7/10/2012)
UPDATE 8/1/2012:
They’ve passed the initial goal, but are only at $403K. Spread the word! Get that sweet exclusive Tee! Get excited for the Web Show goal of $450k, the extra comics, the less ads!!!
Latest list of goals:

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