EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE Gary Raub, crazy old man in Seattle, arrested for 1976 murder in Maine

TastyWhale October 23, 2012 0

While Tasty Whale generally doesn’t put up local news stories, this is an exciting use of DNA to solve a 36 year old cross-country murder case.

In early June, 1976 the elderly Blanche Kimball was found murdered in her Maine home. Dozens of knife wounds were inflicted on her. The case wasn’t solved, though her recent tenant Gary Raub was a prime suspect. He later moved to Washington state. He was found guilty of third degree rape in Clallam county, Washington in 1982.

Seattle locals were surprised at the news. Many recognized the man from the University district, or mass transit. Below is video shot just last year (Fall 2011) of the man on a city bus:

This was shot by Gabe Hayward, Seattleite.

Gary Raub, Fall 2011. Pic via Gabe Hayward.

It was about one year ago, as you can see, he is looking a little healthier. By the time he was arrested, his physical and mental state had declined immensely. I saw him the day he was arrested. He looked like death. Many people I know pitied him as an eccentric transient over the years, giving him food, money, and cigarettes, only to find out this news of him being a murdering wretch. I’m glad I don’t have to look at him any more.

Hopefully this brings some closure to any family or friends the late Blanche Kimball had.

Gabe Hayward
Huffington Post

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