LocoCycle: What? (quick review)

TastyWhale February 6, 2014 0

I’ll say this: I enjoyed 90% of my time with it. It doesn’t take itself seriously, and is pretty easy while still being a 5 hour time sink. The cutscenes are awkwardly painful to watch (this is a good thing).

Now, the game play is simple. Press buttons to do the things, you are on a track with minimal left to right movement, sometimes you shoot things, othertimes you hit them.

Being a motherfucking crotch-rocket building ludicrous combos. I got over 500 several times, and there is an achievement for way more than that I didn’t get.

Seriously, the physical fighting was really enjoyable, and is what I always looked forward to.

The erratic humor such as: IRIS being completely oblivious to Pablos, dated and mixed up taunts, Ella Mae.

I was confused by the scenes where Pablo has to fix IRIS. I had no idea what I was doing (I had to HOLD a direction for a bit to find the problem part), and I don’t seem to remember it ever even trying to explain this. Annoying because it is timed.

Many times the gameplay was just “shoot forward and try to hit the cars ahead of you”. This was boring. Seriously, you had the option to swipe them with your front or back tire (you can’t throw Pablo here, for some reason), but you had to boost up to them and that seems to have only allowed one hit at a time.

Why do I have load times? (common issue this gen)

They used the City of Prague Orchestra for most of the music.
Videogames can be just strait up humor still (very few comedy games these days).
It was originally an Xbox 360 title, potentially a disc-based one.
Now discounted to like $10, better than the original price of $15.
Available and played on the X1, according to their website it will be out on the 360 and Steam on February 14th.

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