Jurassic World trailer released, let’s examine it!

TastyWhale November 25, 2014 0

Boosh, watch this then feel free to read my below notes:

Take all of the dinosaur names/descriptions with a grain of salt. I’m not a paleontologist.

The kid has a “G” pin/label on the strap of his backpack. Is this a new incarnation of InGen, John Hammond’s biotec company?
The ship/skiff they are on is called the “Isla Nublar”. This is where the story of Jurassic Park 1 took place.
The main plaza has signs in many different languages. This avenue looks like a DisneyLand/World entrance.
Store names include “Oakley” and “Winston’s”. “Winston’s” is likely a reference to the studio that built some of the animatronics of the spitter (dilophosaurus), and has hinted at working on this film.
A spinosaurus skelton is shown on the left of that avenue, along with a t-rex skull.
Similar open area where we were first introduced to the brachiosaurus (shot at http://www.kualoa.com/oahu-tours/movie-sites-ranch-tour/), with ornithomimosauria (something ostrich-like at least) running around.
A kayak river with stegosauraus and either brachiosaurs/somelong necked herbivore.
Gyrospheres are the coolest thing I’ve seen, and the structure of a sphere may be stronger than that of a jeep on a tram.
The tram bridges look very similar to what is seen in the game “Jurassic Park: Trespasser” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW-7uatehx4
A great white shark (if so, a nod to “Jaws” which was directed by Steven Spielberg, producing this film) is fed to a ichthyosaurus, which causes a splash reminiscent of Seaworld (which with the violence against trainers reminds me of http://blackfishmovie.com/).
Amber shown with a mosquito inside (or a cranefly but they don’t drink blood).
Egg containers!
The DNA page reads something like “X57DAlt” and some atoms like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.
Samsung product placement on the phones/tablets and the TV screens.
Usually 3 but sometimes 2 clawmarks in the “climbed out”.
Another storm is being tracked on the maps.
Dude has dinosaur figurines across his desk/above his monitor.
Radar/map on the Galaxy Gear looking watch (though no clear manufacturere, I’m just going with that because of the previous Samsung Galaxy phone).
“ACU” hat worn by tracker/security guy.
Call back to the shadows scene in JP1 in the dining hall/the tent scene in JP2.
Raptors come out of racing cages and hang out with Chris Pratt (who may have a Samsung camera on his motorcycle).

I’ll go back and add more as I see more.

The website calls out Margaritaville and Hilton hotel.

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