Let Them Come game review

TastyWhale October 4, 2017 0

“Let Them Come” by Tuatara Games/Versus Evil has some bugs, some stress, but (mostly) mindless fun. (check out that URL)

I originally played this game at a convention a couple years ago. When I got home I couldn’t remember the name but wanted to know more, so I had to sleuth for 20 minutes through the con floor map to figure out what it was. Since then I’ve been following this game and was excited for it to come out

THE GOOD: You can sit there, point the gun a little up or a little down, toss grenades/use your alternate bullet type, smack enemies that are coming at you from above, repeat. I’ve had some stress but this can be overcome by learning the patterns and the weapons you may need to pass specific bosses, that is why I have “(mostly)” listed at the top of this review as usually you don’t need to think too much.

THE MEDIUM: I can’t replay old waves or sections of the game. There is a challenge mode and boss mode, but I can’t go to an older section to read the little notes. I believe there is a NewGamePlus though.

THE BAD: The game has a couple of bugs (on Xbox One at least a couple achievements are still locked, no crashes for me though).

THE UNKNOWN: the PC version boasts having Twitch integration so viewers can send enemies at the streamer. I haven’t tried this so can’t verify it.

THE WORST: CONSOLE TAX- this is currently $3 more on Xbox One than the PC Steam version 🙁

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