FORCED: negative review, not my cuppa’

TastyWhale December 20, 2013 Comments Off on FORCED: negative review, not my cuppa’

I don’t like disliking games. I understand love, time, and life are put into these. But, I don’t like FORCED. I’m not saying it is bad, just not for me. I’ll explain why below.

A few weekends ago I played this with 3 friends. The game is meant to be multiplayer, but is able to be played solo. We played 3 people in one room, 1 over the net.

Initially I was drawn in because it felt like a Gauntlet. There are monsters coming at you, you need to do some stuff in the level, quash some monster-spawners. This part is fine. This part is the isometric Diablo-esque click-tacular game.

However, then you have to move this little ball of light around. He reminds me of guilty-spark. You need to guide him (using only calls to your current location) between objects, sometimes those move. Other times you need to guide it through a maze where the walls will disenchant it. I understand the puzzle aspect of this.

But what happens is a boss will pound one of your guys into the ground, and the only way to make him useful is to call the orb over to you. Which then effs over your team mates who were trying to use Orbo (not his actual name) to do whatever.

This lead to yelling.

Lots of yelling from me.

And I can understand that maybe this type of game play would work with other people that want to have 100% compatibility and team work. Well, my friends don’t work that way. So, I don’t like the game.

Best of luck to the devs! Game is just not for me. Check it out at
Disclaimer: I received a review code for the game.

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