New Amazon product, 3D reactive phone?

TastyWhale June 5, 2014 0

Rumors have circulated for a while about an Amazon phone. People being head-hunted, the explosion of successful alternate Amazon device (Kindle Fire, TV, their cables), and even their interest in using drones as an immediate delivery service. These make it clear Amazon isn’t interested in just being a marketplace, but being a market player.

The latest marketing is reaction videos of users with whatever device will be revealed on June 18th in Seattle.

By the people’s posture, gestures, and deduced hand positioning it looks like the device is a 5-8″ phone. It is rumored to have 5-6 front facing cameras that do head tracking allowing pseudo-3D to be displayed on the screen. People were impressed with the parallax effect in Apple’s iOS 7 which is simple based on a gyro sensor, so it isn’t unusual to think a pseudo-3D effect could be novel. There are other phones, cameras, and gaming devices out already that have 3D without glasses and this wouldn’t be an unique technology. But with Amazon’s established user base and market recognition, they could be the first to successfully implement and drive this technology further.

We’ll find out more on June 18th at the unveiling.

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