San Diego Comic-Con International 2014 exclusive merch~!

TastyWhale July 6, 2014 0

I used a tilde in the title.

Anyways, in what is probably alphabetical order because that is how I’m looking through them here:

Now, before you get pissy, this is just the stuff I want personally. Not even what I think is the coolest.

Ok, this is pretty much just a shopping list for me to find later when I’m on the con-floor.

Godzilla thing that Jordan is wetting himself for (ok it looks hecka cool) Bandai

Uuuuuuh Dragon Ball Z balls and tracker!! Bluefin Distribution

A pin! It is free? Indican Pictures

The Tick! New England Comics

ThinkGeek Inflatable B&PC Sword, R2 unit: Thinkgeek

I hate when I buy books sometimes but maybe the signed Adventure Time one is worth it: Titan Entertainment

Free softkitty token?? USAOpoly

Uggggh this shirt is cool but I have so many shirts…. WETA

All images were acquired from the SDCC official page.

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