Retro Reviews – a self-justification for our collections

Tim January 19, 2014 Comments Off on Retro Reviews – a self-justification for our collections

“Why do you have so many Nintendos?” This is a question that I get asked quite frequently. I can’t blame them; it is hard to miss a 3 by 3 brick of Nintendos sitting above a fridge. Back when I was in high school, I always made my weekly rounds to the thrift stores. There always seemed to be a good chance of finding a treasure there. Magnavox Odyssey² in box? Sure! Panasonic 3DO? Yes, Please. NES System for $2.99? How could I not buy it?! Now that being said, with the size of the Nintendo AC Adapter, It makes it a little difficult to find open plug-ins for all of these duplicate systems. So most of them were put onto my shelves for display.

Something like 1/3 the total collection of NES'ss's's's's

Something like 1/3 the total collection of NES’ss’s’s’s’s

It wasn’t just systems that I would amass, If I saw a video game that I didn’t own (pre-disc games) I would tend to snatch those up as well. Unfortunately like some of these consoles, they too went straight to the shelves. When I went Christmas shopping last month I decided to stop into a comic/collectables store. They had literally got in about 20 ‘new’ NES games. I took a peak them and noticed I only owned one. I may or may not have bought most of those. Those games too went up on my shelf.

I don’t feel that is fair to the video games. They don’t deserve such an abandonment. It is also not fair to myself. I may be missing out on some amazing video games. 3 of my favorite games on the NES are “Snake Rattle N’ Roll”, “Micro Machines” and “Kirby’s Adventure”. I would imagine the first two wouldn’t be sniffed by some because they do not have something like “Kirby” or “Mario” in the title.

The backlog of games I have not played has reached a tremendous proportion of my entire game catalog and the number of games that I bring in exceeds the amount that I complete. To correct this, I am going to dig into this backlog and play each game for no less than 60 minutes. If the game is not enjoyable, I will put it back on the shelf and at least know that I did not enjoy it. If is an enjoyable, I may just continue playing. Regardless of the outcome, I will let you all know of my thoughts about the game.

If you’re curious, the first game on the top of the pile happens to be “Dynowarz – The Destruction of Spondylus”

[editor’s note: The guy in the Kirby Cartridge costume above is Tim. Hand made by him. Dedicated nerd.]

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