OverWatch League 2019 and All-Access Pass thoughts

TastyWhale February 15, 2019 Comments Off on OverWatch League 2019 and All-Access Pass thoughts

So I like the OverWatch League. A lot. Others play way more than I do, I’m more entertained by high level play than trying to attain that skill. I schedule nights around watching “my” team play, bought the team jersey I wear for all match days, buy the damn Sour Patch Kids candy advertised on it, etc hobbyist stuff.

Anyways, last year they had an “All access pass” on Twitch that wasn’t worth it so I didn’t buy. This season the price was halved ($30 I think to $15) and it has a bunch of bonuses (emotes, challenges, OWL tokens, 20% off something at the Blizzard store, 500Bits if you already have Twitch Prime), including being able to have a map overview and watching from any player’s POV. The map view was something I had contacted Blizzard and OWL about last year requesting. I went ahead and bought it….

And just watched a game with 3 screens all from different views simultaneously and it was awesome!! Screen addiction!

I’m a SanFran Shock fan because they recruited a kid from the local area to me (he was underaged the first half of their inaugural season, so he couldn’t play!), their overall owner group doesn’t suck, etc. No real basis, but you couldn’t tell what the teams would become and there wasn’t a true local team. Because this year the number of franchises expanded I’m cheering for the Shock again, the new Vancouver Titans (local enough, familiar team colors to Seattle), and the new Hangzhou Spark (pink and baby blue).

In Conclusion: you should watch some. One of the new teams are Pandas!:

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