About Us

Tasty Whale is a website created from our love of reviews and news.  It started with a few friends writing game reviews and posting on a friend only forum, then we started doing movie reviews, then we started doing other reviews… and then we decided we needed a permanent solution and location.  Bought a domain, got a business license, and set up the website.

This is a hobby project among friends and we do this in our free time, so updating has been sporadic before.  Throw in 2-3 web site designs we’ve gone through, and some of our original articles have gone missing.  Ahwell!  We are working with a schedule and have laid out plans for continual updates. With the latest upgrade to our back-end, updating has become a breeze so we have consistantly been uploading new quality articles and reviews.


  • Alison Meier (Entertainment writer, Social collaborator)- Fashionista and music lover.  The one that has the most job-related experience at this.
  • Billy Wellen (Editor-in-Chief)- Crazy guy.  Videogames, Japan, and general geekery are his thing.  Used to test videogames.
  • Derek Diel (Digital Media and Entertainment reporter)- Music, film, and videogames are his specialty, having studied them and been involved with independant works.
  • James Killgore (Games and beer writer, Web-admin)- Web-wizard and videogame connoseur.  FPS and RTS EffTeeDub!
  • Paris Chávez (Food and Horror writer)- He will eat anything, watch anything, or read anything and hate himself afterwards.
  • Radar (Digital Media and Entertainment writer)- Film and Videogames!  Our resident flyboy.
  • Tim Erickson (Retro writer, gaffer)- Has extensive Elder Scrolls knowledge. May, in fact, be one of the Elder Scrolls.
  • Josh Jenkins (Camera)- Grah PC and MMO!! Grahhh!

Latest Tasty Whale mascot by Trevor. Freelance work available by request.
By Trevor