Anti-Christ Review: Best horror film ever?

Paris Chavez May 3, 2012 1

I may watch horrible things like Human Centipede or the Vomit Gore Trilogy, I don’t really respect them (or myself, but that is another topic).  A well made intelligent horror film is really something great.

This movie is something really special.  It is beautiful, disturbing, unsettling, and ripe for interpretation.  I don’t know if I understood the whole movie but I really love trying.  What is the movie saying about women and nature?  How does it relate to witchcraft and demonology?  This movie is so amazing, I love it so much, you need to watch it!  Best horror film, and one of the best movies made in the last 5 years.

This movie contains some rather graphic images, so be warned.

I own this movie on blu-ray.  Even the opening prologue is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

I recommended it to my mother and she also loved the movie.  [editor’s note: I’ve met his mom, she isn’t your average mom.  Do not show this to your mom unless you want to be ostricized from the family.]

[editor’s note: Here are some of the responses from the original thread]

That movie, while great, is emotionally damaging. Its one of the few movies I cannot bring myself to watch a second time. – Amanda C.

Only movie to make me feel very close to vomiting. This is a very twisted and disturbing film to experience.  Oh and Paris, “some rather graphic images”? More like don’t close your eyes afterward cuz the graphic scenes will be burned into your eyelids. – Rodger Roberts

Yeah this movie shook me to the core, but I agree, there is something beautiful in that. – Nick M.




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  1. Mercuryboarder May 3, 2012 at 12:39 pm -

    You cannot unwatch this movie.

    “Chaos Reigns”

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