Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Derek Diel May 4, 2012 0

The wait is finally over! Ever since we began jamming Link’s sword down Mario’s esophagus, we have wanted to teach a bandicoot a thing or two through the particular techniques of a homicidal clown. And this year we finally get what we have been waiting for.  Playstation All-stars Battle Royale has finally surfaced with some killer footage of the game, and it looks real good. Of course this game CANNOT exist without being up to par with SSB and from we can see it looks very comparable. The game is being developed by a specialized group put together by Sony to form Superbot Entertainment. Of course any SSBM (yes I know SSBB is newer, I am still a loyal SSBM player.) player knows that what makes SSB so good, is the controls. How each player handles, how they are affected by gravity, and what little tricks you can learn to get the upper hand. The game can look beautiful, but those are the screws that hold the game together. So far the character list includes : Kratos (God of War), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal),  Sly Cooper, Colonel Radec (Killzone 2), Parappa the Rapper, and Fat Princess. And much like other games of the fighting type, it will feature levels based on games from the Playstation catalogue that look to be truly epic. That being said, I have full faith in this in-house Sony creation and will be counting down the days for its release . And who knows, maybe we will get to play it at PAX!


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