Last PAX Prime ticket available….

TastyWhale May 11, 2012 0

From a Sony ad, apparently.

But being craigslist, there is a catch.

That catch is creepy guy. But at least he isn’t sexist…

Rodger found this; I pilfered it.

Full text below, in case it gets removed:

Free Pax ticket to whoever wants to go with me (Seattle)

Date: 2012-05-11, 9:43AM PDT
I bought 2 PAX tickets but I have no friends to go with. I am hoping to go with someone who will come with.
Requirements: You must stay with me during the event You must have a C cup minimum (guy or girl, i don’t care) Don’t be horrendously unattractive. … Please don’t leave me at the event.

Send pictures of yourself or else no response.

Thanks, James Lao

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