Halo 4 coverart un-covered! (by an undercover?)

TastyWhale May 15, 2012 0

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Pretty! Sadly I’m sure the necessary branding will clutter this up. Maybe it will be the reverse cover?

Because DEREK is LAZY I’m posting this for him.

So, let’s snoop and thnk about what is in this picture:
The UNSC “…O UNTO DAWN” and a Covenant battleship are being sucked into a giant Guilty Spark? (Unicron? I want my supersoldier to transform!)
Big ripples on the upper left corner? Time/space rip?
I don’t see the 117 on his chest… New armor or a differant Spartan?
The blue glowing thingie kinda looks like the traditional Japanese flag. But I’m a Japanophile so I see things.

Seen via ComingSoon, discovered first by the fans at the Halo Waypoint Forums.

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