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TastyWhale May 15, 2012 0

Browsing through Kickstarter a couple of nights ago I found the Cape Project.  For $25 you’ll get a hand sown cape with your name (or secret identity) embroidered on it.  There are several other levels as well, all worthy of your contribution.  I had found it through the “new” section and was surprised when I saw it only had less than a fortnight of funding time left.

After reading their goal and watching the cute homemade video I backed the project.  It looks like a family that has bonded over nerdy boardgames and they want to start a shop for others to enjoy heir passtime.  I know first hand how much a shop owner has to struggle to start and survive, and that isn’t counting the niche appeal of their shop idea.  Go check out the Kickstarter page now, then come back here for some more reasons to back the project.

The Cape Project

After backing it I messaged the organizer and asked why she had opted for such a small timeframe (not the typical 30 days).  Her response is below, though I’ve edited out some (emphasis added):

“Billy, we did a shorter timeframe simply b/c Kickstarter said projects with less than 30 days have a greater chance of success. I’m guessing b/c it creates a sense of urgency and plays to the fact that most of us have A.D.D.

(Shipping question and secret message redacted by the editor)

Can’t wait for you to get it b/c there’s a unique ID number assigned to each cape so you track your cape but more importantly, so we can all engage in adventures and missions together. We’re working on partnering with some great causes which should be awesome. Then we can all sport our capes while we change the world (or change the world and wear our capes in private).

Billy, we’d love any suggestions or feedback you have. This is all new so we’re wide open to making The Cape Project the best experience possible. You see, we want it to be about more than a single cape. We’re building out a website and app. We want to create a sense of excitement and fun around the capes so we all feel motivated and inspired to do something. It’s not about money or things. We each have a gift and all that matters is that we use our gifts with great intention to make the world a better place – in our own way. “

Still not enough to get you to back this?  What was redacted by myself was a super secret bonus coming to the first ten backers of $25 or more.  Trust me, it will be worth it.

Please share this out and back the project so that this can get funded through. Susan is right, it isn’t about the cape, it is about what the cape stands for.

My cape will have “Tasty Whale” on it, what about yours?

Update June 1st:

Unfortunately the target wasn’t reached, so this hasn’t been funded.

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