San Diego ComicCon updates security policy

TastyWhale May 23, 2012 1

Due to the batshit insane amounts of interest in SDCC, forged badges are getting more prevalent.
Today registered attendees were sent the below email informing them of new practices to ensure only legits are allowed in.
Read the below for some scalper/forger deterrents:

Dear Comic-Con Attendees,

The Comic-Con Terms and Conditions have been updated as follows:

Comic-Con International may perform any of the following validation of badges on entry to any area of the convention. These measures are an effort to prevent illegal badge duplication and unauthorized reselling. We may scan the bar code, require a photo ID that matches the name on the badge, scan RFID embedded in the badge, and examine the badge with other technological and/or physical methods to verify authenticity of the badge and holder. Before leaving any registration area please make sure that the name on the badge matches your identification.

For more information, please visit:

This reminds me that a couple of people owe me for their tickets. •Cough cough•

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  1. Derek Diel May 23, 2012 at 3:05 pm -

    I call bluff

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