Person sells their penis, testicles, and scrotum as delicacy

TastyWhale May 25, 2012 0

So, ever wish you’d been a survivor on Uruguayan Flight 571?

Most people haven’t, and that joke left a bit of a poor taste in my mouth (pun intended).

But, quite recently nearly half a dozen people were able to partake in an act of legal cannibalism.

Testicle, Scrotum, Penis. via Calorie Lab

How so? Well, a person named Mao Sugiyama in Japan tweeted saying he was offering to cook his own genitalia. Sugiyama-san identifies as asexual, and opted to have his genitals removed. Apparently thinking “waste not, want not” he considered eating them himself. But then decided to sell the eating experience to anyone willing to pay just over $1000. 5 takers attended, and around 70 onlookers came as well.

Unfortunately, the meat was too chewy for most of the diners. Chefs have recommended in hindsight that it should have been cooked like other tough meats in a broth of milk for around 8 hours.

Really, the article I learned this from has all the juicy details, so I suggest you read that.
Calorie Lab

Thanks to KC-K for informing us of this.

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