Quick and spoiler free Prometheus review

TastyWhale June 9, 2012 0

Just now, a few of us from TW went to see this film.

I think it was a good movie.  Not an important cinematic event forever changing the gauge of all movies, but not garbage.  It was enjoyable.

The 3d was fucking dumb, only good for the holographics and face cam stuff.  As this was created by CGI anyways, it wouldn’t be hard to make look good.  The rest of the 3d was mostly there, but not even really show casing or using it as a gimmick.  I did notice a few areas that looked…. inverted.

I can’t say it was a good Alien movie as I am not a huge Alien fan and barely recollect 1 and 2.  Oh, was that a spoiler that this movie about Aliens made by the Aliens guy (Ridley Scott?) is actually a prequel to the Aliens franchise?

I have questions and qualms about some of the tropes and crap science that happened.

Two notes of import:
I think George Tsukouli-guy from Ancient Aliens should have been an extra.
Why were there Voldemorts everywhere?? 🙂

Expect a review or 2 more from other TWers.

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