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TastyWhale June 17, 2012 0

Oooooh. Oh YES, this. This right here. Years ago I stumbled upon this image:

Seriously, been my desktop for like 4 years. XP Forever!!!

I thought “Wow! This is awesome!! Is it from a comic or what?” and then never found out (the version I had found had been modified to remove his signature, I believe).

Then, during my oft-strolls through the philanthropic crowd-funding Kickstarter I found it. A damned videogame about zombies (which was in development before zombies became cool). And it had the artist from the above image Jason Chan as the lead for art direction.

But was it just going to be some kiddy zombie cutesy-ootsie gamey-waimie for toddler-oddlers? No. This game isn’t meant for kids. It just has youngsters as the protagonists, but will be very graphic and is designed for adults.

Their description of the game isn’t lacking, so I’m just going to copy and paste it here:

In Zombie Playground you take on the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through his or her imagination. Your school is overrun by the undead, and it’s up to you and your friends to do whatever it takes to survive!
Zombie Playground is an online, team based, action arena game with RPG elements. Gameplay will be deep, challenging, and rewarding. The game combines childhood nostalgia with horrific monsters, visceral combat, and a unique atmosphere straight out of a child’s nightmares. We do want to make it very clear: this is not a game for kids!
The initial release is planned for PC/Mac, but we’d certainly like to support Linux and hand-helds if there is enough demand and support.

Now you may be wondering “Gah durr, why we need ‘nother zombi-game durr? Wut make this ‘pecial?”, Well my inebriated friend, they have that answer too!

Goonies + Attack the Block + Walking Dead = Zombie Playground

This 3PS-Action-RPG promises to be really fucking cool. Uhh, that was my wording, not theirs. Just check out the customization:
ZPG Selection screen draft, via their kickstarter.

This kickstarter needs just $5,000 more to be fully funded. It doesn’t seem like they expect to reach their stretch goals, but I think they’ll work on their additional content, just at a slower pace.

When they reach $100,000 goal the following is the initial guaranteed results:
PC and Mac support
Alpha version of the game with 2 Player Cooperative Online Play
2 Playable Characters: one melee and one ranged combat
A variety of weapons for each character
A variety of clothing customization options for each character
Various consumable items to help in combat
Character specific abilities
Character leveling system
A variety of enemy types
Classroom Building Arena (Enclosed building with hallways, classrooms, storage rooms, bathrooms, etc)

ZPGLogo I hope that after this is published additional support is shown and they develop the rest of their long list of ideas!

For more info, check out the KickStarter and their webpage.

You only have until June 26th at 3pm to back it, what are you waiting for??

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