Big Microsoft Announcement!

James Killgore June 18, 2012 0

Later today Microsoft will be making a large announcement.

Is it about the next Xbox (documents have purportedly been leaked)?  Is it Windows Phone 8 launch details?  Is it Windows 8 in-house tablet hardware, or even Xbox gameplay integration in Windows 8?

TW is betting on something Xbox related.  We are coming up on the expected life-longevity of the system, the 360 was released prior to the Wii and Nintemdo has already announced and denied it’s successor.  Additionally, the latest cost of the 360 is low and aimed at those who couldn’t afford the whole box all at once.  This marketing technique would not only clear the excess hardware stock but also solidify the user base of the upcoming Glass experience.

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6/18/2012 9:15AM
While waiting for additional details, I figured we’d share some other rumored ideas for the announcement:

  • Nokia/MSFT merger/buy-out
  • Microsoft E-reader (MSFT and Barnes&Nobel reached an agreement about certain patent disputes in March)
  • Microsoft tablet hardware with B&N built in, or a B&N reader that can stream Xbox games.

This seems pretty super-secret, as invites were only sent a few days ago, with a cryptic message saying that anyone invited wouldn’t want to miss it. They still haven’t sent the “Where” yet!

I bought a replacement Xbox on Friday (my old girl is starting to huff and puff), but I haven’t opened it yet just in case my future Windows Something will have an Xbox built in!!!

Rumor Round-up, 11:16AM PST
A dour outlook on if this is just way too much hype for something simple:
Some very Xboxy/Windows Touch stuff:
Surface details leak? With included tablet/portable touch device?:

Venue Update, 11:59AM PST
It will apparently be held at the California location of Milk, a self proclaimed “…crossroads of the fashion, music, photography, and film worlds.” Used for it’s large range of video equipment and stage rental, this may not have to do with fasion, music, etc and just happen to be a good venue to show case whatever it is microsoft has up it’s sleeve!


Update, 3:56PM PST

Mashable user Chris Taylor who is in attendance uploaded these photos to their live blog.  Suspiciously tablet/Courier looking…


Update, 4:39PM PST

Microsoft has just announced the new Microsoft Surface.  This “PC” us a full featured touch tablet with an optional cover that has a touch keyboard as well as a built in “kickstand”.  Essentially this is every tablet users wet dream.  The biggest complaint with traditional tablets is that there is no keyboard which makes email and word processing painful.  This has just solved the problem.  The surface has a 10.6″ screen and will feature the newest IvyBridge intel processors.  The Surface will also release in 2 flavors, Noob, and Pro as well as 5 colors, blue, orange, pink, charcoal and white.  The specs for this device can be found here:

I think I speak for everyone at TW when I say that this is a HUGE announcement.  Microsoft just threw its hat in the ring with iPad and is looking like a solid contender.

It appears that MS will also be releasing a Microsoft App Store.  This is a little late to the App Market game, as the Apple app store and the Android Market have been in full swing for years.  Better late than never I suppose.

That is all for now.  I will upload some more pics from the annpuncement soon.  Please comment if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer what we can.  Specail thanks to the Mashable team for setting up their epic live stream, and to Chris Taylor of Mashable for live blogging the entire thing.

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