Xbox Live Summer of Arcade 2012 info

Paris Chavez June 19, 2012 1

Oh, this looks like a good summer! If you purchase 3 of the below titles you’ll get 400 MSpoints back! (most likely distributed at the end of the summer).

Game Release Date Price
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD July 18th 1200 MSpoints
Wreckateer July 25th 800 MSpoints
Deadlight August 1st 1200 MSpoints
Hybrid August 8th 1200 MSpoints
Dust: Any Elysian Tail August 15th 1200 MSpoints

Source: Major Nelson.

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  1. Billy Wellen June 19, 2012 at 10:57 am -

    Oooh! I’m unsure whta I want….
    Deadlight, to see if I find myself or places I frequent…
    Dust: AnElysian tail I SWEAR was an Indie game… Pretty, but maybe not my style.
    Hybrid reminds me of a different game being made… Also reminds me of Chromehounds (in the persistant world, not the super aweosme mech building).
    Tony Hawk seems to be a merge of #1 and #2, with graphic updates/50% new music. Meh, but good to see it have a controller again.
    Wreckateer: This looks fun! and cheap! Remember ocntrolling the big arrows/cannonballs in Heavenly Sword? What it reminds me of.

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