Page and Cage talk Beyond: Two Souls

Derek Diel July 18, 2012 0

Beyond: Two Souls is a new action game, exclusively for the PS3, from the mind of David Cage about a girl with some sort of telekinetic powers. Not only does it look exciting and action packed, but it shows that just like in their last game Heavy Rain, the people over at Quantic Dreams are pushing the boundaries of video games and dipping into a deeper form of narrative.

Being a huge fan on Heavy Rain and David Cage’s overall approach to game making, its a given that I am going to be excited for anything him and his team at Quantic Dreams have to produce. Their new game do out in 2013, is about what lies in death and beyond. The game uses the same performance capture technology as was used in Heavy Rain to capture actor Ellen Page’s performance as Jodie the main character.

At their SDCC panel for the game, David gives some insight into where his inspiration for the story came from, and Ellen explains what attracted her to this game and why it is different from acting in film.


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