Hard Target slowpoke review and commentary

TastyWhale July 19, 2012 0

“Hard Target” is possibly the epitome of 90’s cliché martial arts films starring a white guy who is not Steven Seagal.

Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, this early nineties action film is a quintessential John Woo art piece. Doves flying in slow motion, exploding everything, interchangeable minions, and a great mix between physical combat and gunplay. It also happens to be JW’s first US made film.

Surprisingly the underlying backstory for a retelling of “The Most Dangerous Game” is more believable than one would expect. The antagonists hand pick the prey: military trained, homeless men without ties so they won’t be noticed when missing. The game moves around the world taking place where ever there is ample poverty and crime which covers up the events, and some members of the police force are bribed. This instance is in New Orleans, trying to explain Jean Claude’s accent as Cajun.
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Delicious tidbits:

  • JCVD has a freaking mullet. It may be permed as well.
  • Somehow Wilfrord Brimley is in it. The Cajun-Creole uncle, who makes moon-shine in a crackshack in the middle of ‘gator territory.
  • Doves and pigions everywhere. At one point JC is actually on a giant bird thing shooting baddies.

It is on Netflix streaming, only 90+minutes long, and had me enjoying this popcorn flick. If I were to have taken a drop of alcohol for every explosion I’d have a full bottle of whiskey (the other bottle having been drank by Wilford).

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