Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale Beta Announcement

Derek Diel August 2, 2012 0

With radio silence being the stance of SuperBot Entertainment and Sony about their upcoming smash bros. esque title for the last month or so. Until today when the Playstation Blog announced the Fall open beta for the anticipated fighter. Closed beta is already in process and those who got in were treated to a little more that they were supposed to. Unintentionally leaked content ended up on the beta servers and from the sounds of it, players liked what they saw. With an announcement coming at Gamescom in a couple weeks and potentially a demo that is even maybe playable at PAX Prime this year, we can expect to start seeing just a little bit more of what this game is really all about. Will it be another great brawler? Or is it just a SSB rip-off trying to steal some of Nintendo’s thunder?


We will find out soon!! In the meantime check out the Heichachi Mishima and Toro Inoue announcement trailer!

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