Pink Gorilla Kickstarts a Seattle Gaming Lounge!

TastyWhale August 3, 2012 0

YES YES YES! Watch the below.
DISCLAIMER: this author knows a few of the staff rather well at PG, and has been known to have a friendly rivalry with the boss.

If you like the idea, and want some primo stuff you need to check out Pink Gorilla presents LEVEL UP: Pixel Pub & Gaming Lounge.

There are many different tiers of backing ranging from:

  • stickers,
  • calendars,
  • discount giving shirts,
  • reserved seating,
  • special services,
  • immortality in displayed portrait or mixed drink,
  • attending the Child’s Play Charity Dinner (tickets are a pain in the butt to get!),
  • a magic crown,
  • full day venue rentals,
  • and much more!

I’ve been a fan of Pink Gorilla long before the mascot was a gorilla. I hope this succeeds!!


Original article stuffs:
I’ll update this with the Kickstarter page once it is up.

Inside sources tell me that there are some GREAT rewards available, including your name immortalized on the wall, exclusive events, and some other item fans Pink Gorilla will be familiar with. But I’mma keep my mouth shut (fingers still? because I’m typing?) until there is the official report. I’m hoping to get “Founder’s Clump” +. ;p

Their draft of the Level Up logo, and I slapped the PG banner on there.

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