Stompy, the giant robot you could have.

TastyWhale August 3, 2012 0

Well. This is somewhat awesome. A large robot, capable of seating two humans, and walking across various terrain is being crowdfunded. “Project Hexapod”

I’m just… I’m just not really sure what to say. The rewards list is fun. I mean, tee-shirts, bumperstickers, your own giant robot…. These are all pretty cool items.

Yeah, I said your own giant robot. $300K pledge needed, but you could have one of your own. No, I’m not joking:

  • “Contact us directly if you’re interested in higher levels; $25,000 will get you a Stompy appearance in the lower 48 states once the robot’s done, and $300,000 will get you another Stompy of your very own!”
  • That is crazy. I mean, shit. Just put a tent on it and BAMN, Howl’s Moving Castle on the (realative to a magic-full-sized-castle) cheap.

    For some base info, see:

    I’m in for the bumpersticker:

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