DayZ mod will be made into an official game

TastyWhale August 7, 2012 0

art by Ivan BuchkoWell, it happened. And you know why? BECAUSE I FREAKING BOUGHT THE STUPID ARMA 2 GAMES (calm down Billy, calm down!! John says they are actually good).

Well, in the words of the “RocketKiwi” (which I assume is mod guy? I’ll check with people who knowUPDATE: Sources (aka Zach) tell me “RocketKiwi is the mod creator, he is originally from New Zealand”. I knew the New Zealand part. The rest is further confirmation!):

That’s right, this is actually happening – DayZ will be developed as a standalone game, with me as project lead, by Bohemia Interactive. This is the fairy-tale outcome for a mod that many would have said impossible four months ago.
… The game will have it’s own site, and the mod will continue at it’s present link.

You can see this in it’s entirety at

Well, I suppose that is good! And I kept telling John that he’d been hired on by Bohemia! Bwahaha!

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