Ninety-Nine Shades of Grey, by, will be in the LOC

TastyWhale September 5, 2012 0

YEAH! Library of Congress time!!!

To catch you up on what this is, I’ll paraphrase the creators of this tongue-in-cheek book:

“This is a real book consisting of 99 pages of progressively increasing greyness. Each grey shade will have a name given by backers who choose the $15 option.

Since its publication last year, 50 Shades of Grey has rocketed to the top of bestseller lists around the world.

The truth is, 50 Shades of Grey is hiding something from its readers. Something dark.

Many somethings, in fact. Because 50 shades of grey doesn’t tell the whole story. 50 shades of grey leaves out…

49 additional shades of grey.”

I meant to post about this earlier, but you still have over a week to contribute….
And get your name in the Library of Congress!!

“How, how do I get into the LOC?” you say. Quite simply by contributing $25 or more dollars to the Kickstarter. Your name will be included in the acknowledgements section in EVERY BOOK.

Tasty Whale was able to get in as one of the early buyers and buy a color name. Shade #25 will be “”. Yeah, self promotion, whannah’ fight aboot eet? ;p

Now, the initial goal of $600 was quickly met. Several stretch goals were made, including book marks, digital graphics package, and (most recently met) the ISBN in the LOC.

And as a special super exclusive preview of a mock-up of a shade page, check out the below:

Mock-up, based on the poster design. Changes will probably happen, I made this and have no input on their design.

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