Indie Diet: Bust-N-Rush review

Derek Diel September 13, 2012 1

In the quest for sustaining a healthy diet of indie games, one must venture into the unknown and try new things. I come to you now with one such thing. Bust-N-rush from Techtonic games. The game is and epic sci-fi endless runner that propels you forward into a world filled with wonderful little crystals. AND YOU WANT THEM ALL! Just like your standard endless runner, you control a character that runs through environments while getting faster and faster until you can’t control it anymore and die. It is a measure of self control, a battle of endurance, an opportunity to look death in the eye and say NAY! I WILL RUN PAST YOU!

Techtonic games

The primary game consists of 3 game types: Survival mode, quest mode, and Bust a Friend multiplayer mode. In survival it is the standard endless runner game type in which you progress through the level and collect crystal while you move faster and faster until you lose control. In quest mode, which was my favorite, you pick up and discard quests while on your run. This mode was insanely addicting to me because I felt like the game was challenging me with a “bet you can’t do this!” mentality. Of course I had to prove it wrong by completing whatever challenges were laid before me. Bust a Friend mode lets you challenge a friend via social network and earn spots on the leader board.

Things that made this game worth while:

  • Constantly changing environments so that you have a new experience each time
  • Fun power-ups and game changers that constantly challenge your skill
  • Casual quick pick up and play style of gaming


Purchase the game on Origin to receive the Double-Bust-Bundle which will include:

  •  A FREE Standard Edition copy to gift to a lucky friend
  • Behind the scenes video of Bust-N-Rush: “Crunch Time Chronicles”
  • Bust-N-Rush wallpapers
  • The Bust-N-rush Soundtrack
  • New Survival level: Transition mode (where players can bust all three worlds offered in the Standard Edition simultaneously)

Bust-N-rush will be released on Sept. 14th via Origin, and will be available for only $10.

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  1. Scott_Techtonic September 13, 2012 at 10:31 pm -

    Thanks for the awesome review, it was great to meet you at PAX. I wanted to clarify our price on Origin and our website. We are having a launch sale on Origin and our website with each version being $5 less than the normal price.. The standard edition is $9.99, the Double Bust Bundle is $14.99.

    Make sure you check out Double Bust Bundle on Origin or the standard edition our website

    Thanks again for the great review!

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