Jimmy John’s is offering dollar sandwiches!

TastyWhale October 10, 2012 0

If you’ve never had a Jimmy John’s sandwiche, you need to correct that. And what better time than tomorrow Thursday the 11th from 11AM to 3PM when all of their sandwiches will be just $1 each?? [CORRECTION Only numbers 1-6, French bread only, can add cheese etc]
Previous years this has been a customer appreciation act. Additionally, the selection may vary by location. I unfortunately was unable to verify if it is all sandwiches, or only through #11. At least in my location no delivery and no call-ins. Walk-in only.

Still, years past it has been reported that the lines are long but fast due to the extreme speed and efficiency they use. I know I’m going to go, are you? (the correct answer is “Yes”)

Motto via the JJ website.

UPDATE! Stood in line for 25 minutes total. Sammich tasty, though they messed up the order a bit. Lines vary.

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