Mountain Dew is launching a Malt flavor

TastyWhale October 12, 2012 1

Apparently there was a test-launch of the flavor last year in select regions. I’m very very dissapointed I didn’t know about this, and that I never got to try it. Luckily for Dew-fanatics like myself, that will be resolved shortly!

The first batch of a distinctive new malt-flavored DEW hit stores in just a few select cities. We called it Johnson City Gold—what we call the second batch coming in 2013 is up to you. Join one of six regions and give this new DEW a unique name and design inspired by your neck of the woods. Then, watch as one comes to life at a store near you.

I mean, malt. What? I need to know what that tastes like as Dew.

Users have already submitted the three main components for their region, which are being voted on by top men. TOP MEN .

You can currently upload pictures of your region to be added to a collage.
Hopefully soon after the flavor will be launched in the 6 regions of the US.
(I didn’t know there were 6 regions, but hey, I went to public school)

You can learn more at

Images sourced from and Mountain Dew Facebook page.

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  1. Marchy November 6, 2012 at 10:47 am -

    Perfect, i always wanted to get drunk on the dew, so now i can dew the dew to dewit good.

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