Grand Theft Auto V releasing in Spring 2013

TastyWhale October 30, 2012 1

After a few leaked images, it seems Rockstar Games is publicly announcing GTA5’s expected release timeframe. has the trailer video, screenshots, and other mouth-watering tidbits for us anti-social trained killers!

Set in the GTA universe’s version of LA (Vice City, beaches!) in present day this most likely has the character trying to get out of crime, but actually becoming a crimelord (woops, #spoiler alert?).

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  1. Marchy November 6, 2012 at 11:01 am -

    i’m exited, part of me hopes the bring back some of the sillyness from GTA San Andreas, but i also really appreciated the maturity of the main story in GTA 4. tough call what i’d want more but either way i’ll be getting this game when it comes out.

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