Windows Phone 7 and 8: games to play!

TastyWhale November 12, 2012 0

Here is a list (probably alphabetically, because that is easiest) of games I have for my HTC Trophy. Anyone with a WP device should read these and pay attention to those in bold (bold is great, get those) and italics (italics are bad).

Angry Birds – It is there, and is as entertaining as always.
Assassin’s Creed – Meh.
Battleship – I’ve had issues with multiplayer, but still, Battleship!
Battlewagon – Catapult game, meh.
Breeze – Free, flowers, but meh.
BulletAsylum – GET! A wonderful, super-colorful, update to the classic “Missile Defense”. Great music, very fun!
Chickens Can’t Fly – fun, tilt based game.
Civilization Revolution – I’ve played RTS before, but this just didn’t work well. I don’t mean crashes, I mean I didn’t understand how to play or what to do, even after reading the hints, about, how to etc. Avoid!
Contre Jour – Fun.
Crimson Dragon: Side Story – Interesting, but I’m rather confused as I see it entirely in Japanese….
de Blob Revolution – puzzle, get from A to B without yadda yadda. Gets repetitive.
Droplitz Delight – Not for me.
Earthworm Jim – I’m told it is a faithful port, though they do add a few easier levels if difficulty. If you missed it, get it.
Enigmo – Not aesthetically pleasing, but a physics puzzler.
Extraction – Upgradeguns, top-down zombie killing. Controls well, is built for short sessions.
Feed Me Oil – Probably the best of the liquid physics puzzles.
Flowez – Free, basic color matching time waster, I’m not good at this type.
Fruit Ninja – Just like AB, it is there and just as entertaining as always.
Full House Poker – GET! Fun poker, if you like poker get this, SINGLE PLAYER. Can earn rank/coins for your Xbox game of the same name.
geoDefense – GET! Track based turret defense.
geoDefense Swarm – GET! The sequel, now with open levels you have to make paths in.
Gerbil Physics – Fun! Similar to Angry Birds, but no slingshots, just bomb placement.
Glyder – Flying game, reminded me of the forced aerial parts of Spyro the Dragon.
Gun Bros – Free, but it didn’t hold my attention.
Halo Waypoint – Wait this isn’t a game, why is it in my games??
i Love Katamari – While I do love the series, this was nothing more than a port of the iOS version. Nothing new here, hard to control… I wanted to like it.
IonBallEx – Paddle/BrickBreaker, but with power ups and steam-punked-ness.
Max & The Magic Marker – Fun, you can doodle little bridges. I had some trouble controlling it, but it has quite a few levels.
Minesweeper – GET! Free! Minesweeper!
MONOPOLY – The classic game. Not as fast as I’d hope, but at least there are computers willing to play with me (jerk, winning computers).
Monsta Fish – Mini-games. Alright.
Monster Island – Physics puzzerm you have multiple type of things to shoot. Fun.
OMG Our Maniac Game – GET! Bullet Hell, but you make it harder by powering up the enemies!
PAC-MAN Kart Rally – Mario Kart clone. Didn’t like the controls.
Plants vs. Zombies – I already own this… like a billion times. Got it on WP and enjoyed it again!
Rise Of Glory – Aerial Combat plane fighting game. Controls aren’t bad, but not for me.
Shoot 1UP – GET! I love this game! Bullet Hell, but you have multiple ships! Can have over a dozen at once! GET!!
Shuffle Party – GET! Free. Shuffle-board and bowling, fun.
Spider Jack – Meh graphics, kinda fun “get to there” physics gameplay.
Sudoku – Free, I think. Taught me how to play Sudoku, so that is a plus.
Super Monkey Ball – I need to play this one more.
Tentacles – Fun, essentially a new take on platformer, you move your little creature by hooking it’s tentacles to the walls. Great humor!
Tetris – Not the worst port I’ve played of the game.
The Harvest – I haven’t played this much, but seems like an ok RPG.
Wordament – Free, wordgame, you can play it on anything.
Xbox Extras – Not a game!
Xbox SmartGlass – Not a game!
Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) – Woo! 3 games from Ska Studios, maker of “I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1”. If you like that, like RunningMan, and like playing as a Time-Viking making his way to the moon, get this. GET!
Zombies!!! – The board game “Zombies!!!”. Can pass and play, or can play vs AI. GET!

BlastMonkeys – Cute physics game.
minicraft – Made by Notch. If you don’t know who that is, well… I don’t know you.
QONQR – mobile MMORPG? Didn’t play much.
Retro Hero – HARD!
Techno Kitten Adventure – GET! So pretty! So addicting! Great music! WAAAAAAAAH!
Titan – Mech building and fighting, I haven’t played it.

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