They Bleed Pixels is an H.P. Lovecraft and Super Meat Boy lovechild.

TastyWhale December 19, 2012 0

They Bleed Pixels is a wonderful mash-up of the platform insanity present in games like N+ and SuperMeatBoy with a 1-button hit-combo mechanic.

However, unlike the mental agony present in those games of “one hit and you are dead”, TBP allows you 3 hits. While this allows you to make one minor mistake, a major mistake will still send you back to your last check-point.

The Check-point system is fresh too! The developers realized that gamers normally don’t just stand around for no reason. So, whenever you stand still you create a check-point (as long as you have enough of the blood/energy collected). I find this great because if I see a section that looks daunting I can set a check-point. The mechanics of check-pointing seem cohesive to me: you can’t check-point in dangerous areas, you have to collect enough blood/energy to check-point, the user has a few seconds to react if they inadvertently start making a check-point.


The fighting system is rather fluid. It feels like a 1 button brawler, where holding a direction can change the attack type. If you chain attacks togethor you get higher scores and can even use this in a 2002 Shinobi ( style to allow longer and higher jumps.

The story is presented in a lovely and cute pixelated motion comic style. Zero reading required! The music is not what I’d expect fromsomething claiming to be Lovecraftian (the back story, enemies, and art assets are definitely Lovecraft inspired), however it is high energy which adds more cohesion to the fast action required 99% in this game.

Something I normally wouldn’t bother commenting on is the bonus content. By completing levels, getting achievements, etc the game allows you to unlock fan art and fan made levels. I don’t know why I like it so much, this is actually implemented very very well. Many other games have unlockable concept art and the like, but this just does it better.


The game is normally only $10, and totally worth it. Find it on Steam here:

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