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TastyWhale May 21, 2013 1

Watching the livestream. Updating the below with what we learn!!

NAME: Xbox One
RELEASE DATE: “Around the world, later this year.” ? (next 4 months, according to EA Sports guy)
MODELS: ? At least a 500GB model
LAUNCH GAMES: Forza 5, maybe those EA games?,
OTHER GAMES/TECH DEMOS: Quantum Break, new and additional IPs. 15 exclusive games in year one, 8 of which are new IPs. NFL partnership? “Call of Duty: Ghosts” comes to and gets the DLC first (they tried to say exclusive, other system/s will get it)
KINECT DETAILS: Paired with EVERY Xbox One. Looks pretty. Voice and movement commands look good. New universal gestures. 1080p wide view. More joints. What the Kinect was supposed to be.
CONTROLLER: better ergonomics, better d-pad, some trigger stuff, hidden battery?
SMARTGLASS: Native to the platform, built in.
TECHNICAL SPECS: Blu-Ray, 8GB Ram, 8 Core, Windows Kernel, USB 3.0, 500GB HDD, HDMI In/Out, Wifi Direct (?)
USER INTERFACE: looks similar to current Xbox interface, a little more “Modern Tile”. It remembers where you were at/what you were doing.
ALWAYS-ON: Kinda… It listens for you, and is REALLY FAST. Probably as “always-on” as your DVR.

“All in One System” built for the future.
Simple, Instant, Complete
turns on with “Xbox On” voice command.
Damn Drew Carey got thin.
Instant switching! Pretty pretty.
Live TV etc through it. FAST SWITCHING.
Expanded Skype. Group video chat.
SmartGlass integration.
Damn good channel surfing.
Lots of Cloud stuff
Game DVR.
Something about updated achievements? “Tells your unique story”
Devs can use the Xbox server network thing to allow bigger matches and persistent online worlds.
EA and Microsoft new relationship? EA Ignite engine for sports games… lots of sports games. It will have 10x the depth and detail.
Halo live action TV series. 343 and Steven Spielberg. “Wake Up John.”
Partnership with NFL.

Facial/user voice ID recognition for user specific content.

Don Mattrick and Xbox One

Don Mattrick and Xbox One

Microsoft is going to reveal a gaming console today, how could it replace the Nintendo 64?


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  1. LWessel May 21, 2013 at 10:51 am -

    Steven Spielberg started playing Pong in 1974. I know this because he is talking about the Halo universe in a video at the conference.

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