A Good Day to Die Hard review

Radar July 15, 2013 0

How unlucky can one guy be? That seems to be the question for John “Wrong Place at the Wrong Time” McClane. After fighting terrorists at his wife’s office Christmas party, fighting more terrorists at an airport where he was supposed to pick up his wife, teaming up with Samuel L. Jackson to fight terrorists in New York, and then fighting cyber-terrorists with a whiny computer nerd, Bruce Willis is back to fight more terrorists in Russia as he teams up with his son.

What does one need to know about a Die Hard movie at this point? Bruce Willis shoots up bad guys in a series of unbelievable action sequences. (I’m a little disappointed that they couldn’t top him “killing a helicopter with a car” though.) This time he flies off to Moscow, Russia to save his son, who has gotten mixed up in some CIA spy shenanigans. Together the McClane boys must stop a group of terrorists from stealing nuclear materials or something like that. Their rampage racks up quite the body count and I hate to think who’d be putting up the bill for all the destruction they left in their wake.

“A Good Day to Die Hard” is directed by John Moore, whose other films include “Behind Enemy Lines”, “The Omen” remake, and the completely forgettable “Max Payne”. The film has Bruce Willis returning to play John McClane, Jai Courtney as Jack McClane, and a nice cameo by Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lucy McClane (or is it Gennero?).

It’s my opinion that although this was a passable action flick, it is by far the worst Die Hard film. (This is coming from someone who enjoyed the often-criticized, “Live Free or Die Hard”.) The film lacked the usual sarcastic wit of John McClane as he finds himself in these preposterous situations. Here’s a way they can save the franchise, in the inevitable sixth Die Hard, have John team up with his daughter, her boyfriend, and then also John’s son to rescue his wife and bring her into the action mix. It could be the Royal Tenenbaums of action movies! You’re welcome, Hollywood.


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