Warm Bodies review

Radar July 15, 2013 0

I don’t think anyone was really looking for yet another movie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet but we got one anyway. At least this one has zombies though. If you’re tired of the whole zombie trend in pop culture or tired of yet another retelling of William Shakespeare’s tale of two doomed young lovers, then this is probably not a movie you should spend your time viewing.

R is dead…well mostly dead. He still thinks and more importantly he still thinks he feels. Life is tough for a zombie apparently. When your not meandering around an abandoned airport with your “friends” or looking for a fresh brain to snack on, then chances are those pesky not-dead humans are trying to shoot you in the head. Well R’s life(?) is changed forever when he happens to meet Julie and her boyfriend while they’re out on a scouting mission for the human colony. And when I say he “meets” them, I mean to say he eats her boyfriend’s brain and then gets high on the deceased’s memories which include fond thoughts of Julie. With his new memories and feelings, R decides to save Julie’s life. They do the whole Beauty and the Beast song and dance for awhile but soon Julie must return to the living’s colony. What she doesn’t know is that her presence has reawakened R’s cold dead heart and he just might be getting better.

“Warm Bodies” is the latest film by Jonathan Levine. (Who directed the wonderfully moving, “50/50”.) It’s cast includes Nicholas Hoult (Xmen: First Class’s Beast) as R, Teresa Palmer as Julie, John Malkovich as Julie’s militaristic father and leader of the human colony, and the vastly under appreciated Rob Corddry as R’s undead best friend, M.

I’m going to be honest, this might be the nail in the coffin for me and the zombie trend. The movie wasn’t terrible but it didn’t entertain me either. In fact for someone who hasn’t been so overly exposed to zombies in pop culture, this might be a really fun date movie. Unfortunately that person isn’t me. This zombie flick may have found it’s heart but it definitely lacks its bite.


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