New Apple iPhone 5S and 5C, iOS7 to have built-in controller support

TastyWhale September 10, 2013 0

Sounds like iOS 7 (coming out on the 18th) will have native controller support. Got that tidbit from

iPhone 5C:
Apple just announced the iPhone 5C (plastic, same basic hardware as the 5 such as the A6 chip). Better antenna built into the structure, 8MP camera, and it comes in 5 subdued colors (green, yellow, blue, pink/red, white), slightly better battery. Facetime gets an HD camera with larger 19μ pixels (but still listed as Retina Display).
It is a bit cheaper, at $99 for the 16gb and $199 for the 32gb (with 2 year contract). $30 cases (full of holes, so you can show your colors).
iOS7 natively. 32-bit architecture as with all previous Apple phones.
Pre-orders start on Friday the 13th. Available on the 20th.

Highlights of the information released by Apple today.

iPhone 5S:
3 new colors (space-gray, gold AKA the rumored “Champagne”, silver.
A7 chip, running 64-bit architecture. Specific iOS7 built for the 64-bit. So new apps will be in 64bit, but this can also run 32bit apps.
“The chart shows a 40x CPU performance bump. Graphics are 56x faster.”
5 times faster than the iPhone 5.
There is a “M7” chip which works along the A7 chip as a “motion co-processor” (motion data such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass)
iSight Camera:
Camera has a five element lens with F2.2 aperture (iOS7 takes advantage of this). It takes multiple photos at once and picks the best.
True tone flash:
Two LEDs: one is warm, the other is cool. This allows the software to pick the best mix and combine them “It chooses from between 1000 different possible colors to match the room, and solves the problem of clashing color temperatures”. Auto image stabilization.
HD video at 720p at 120FPS
Touch ID:
The new fingerprint reader built into the home button. Can be used to unlock the phone, buy apps, passwords, etc.
16gb is $199, 32gb is $299, 64gb is $399 (with 2 year contract). $40 cases (solid).
Pre-orders start on Friday the 13th. Available on the 20th.

More info at

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