How to teach my Girlfriend about a key part of my childhood?

TastyWhale September 16, 2013 0

Something odd occurred today. I was talking to my fiancée about our cat Cheddar, who is a long-hair. I said something like “What if he was actually a long-haired Himalayan? Then he’d say ‘Himalaaayan! Hima-Himalayan!’”. She looked at me puzzled. Well, that is a normal reaction, understandably. However, when I said “You know, like a Pokémon” she asked if Pokémon only said their name.

This dumbfounded me. I mean, come on, isn’t that common knowledge? She said that she knew Pikachu said “Pikachu”. She asked what the other ones said. “Uhhh, Bulbasaur says “Buuuulbasaaur! and….” and described a few others. I didn’t go into the history on Team Rocket’s Meowth.

This isn’t me, because I’m not a brunette lady-type, but you’ll get the gist on my impressions:

She said “What does Bidoof say?”. Uhh, I can’t do that voice hun. “Why not?” Because I stopped watching the anime after the first gen. “Then why does Tim or Kacee say that one?” Because it annoyed Tim when he was in the later gens.

She then asked me what my favorite Pokemon was. I had to stop and think. Was it Magikarp or Psyduck? No. I responded with Jigglypuff. Then this happened:

Fiancee-face said “Jigglypuff is a Pokémon?”

She only knew about Jiggs because of my friends and I playing Super Smash Bros. She thought it was a Mario game (“because it has Mario and Luigi and Peach… And Jigglypuff was just one of the characters in Mario-land!”).

So, at this point I’m questioning who I proposed to. She has the ring though, so I guess I need to improve her.

Do I expose her to the games? the Anime? the trading cards? Where do I start??

UPDATE: Her response “Yeah, sure. I’ll just start a later in life Pokémon trading card addiction.”

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