Poo~Pourri does cover up the scent of shit

TastyWhale November 7, 2013 0

That may not be my proudest article title yet, but it is honest.

If you haven’t seen it, Poo~Pourri (yes, that is a tilde) is a non-aerosol spritz that claims to “Leave the toilet smelling better than when you found it.”

My personal experience is that it does hide the smell of your butt-nuggets. I picked up the trial bottle ($3-4 shipping, it was listed as a “Tester” but is no longer available). The spritz bottle is about the size of a fat marker. It recommends several sprays, and I got about 5 full tests from it.

So I went forth and ran some rigorous, “Taco Bell and whiskey” testing.

And some “Get drunk and eat who knows what, get bound up, and then worry that your next bathroom run may cause an overflow” type of testing.


It does work! Depending on your aeromatic-astuteness you may find the cover smell pleasing. I found it was better than Febreeze, Lysol, or other airborne methods of covering the smell. I personally think that instead of having to manually do this they need an automatic dispenser. Probably pressure based so it squirts a layer of poo-tection when you sit down. (patent pending? Poo~Pourri should talk to me to get my prototype).

But what it doesn’t cover is the smell of anything that has breached the water. You know, something that went Titanic, is floating like an otter, or just doesn’t fit. This may be a sign that I need more (less?) fiber. Too much kelp? The design is to trap smell under the water, so it can’t get out.

Wonderful graphic from the http://www.poopourri.com/ website.

Wonderful graphic from the http://www.poopourri.com/ website.

Some user feedback from the Tasty Whale Team (who had some anyways!):

“Wish they made it for cats. Should be in every public restroom. Discreet bottle. Perfect for those moments when you need to go but are not in the privacy of your own home.”

It doesn’t smell that great, but it definitely doesn’t smell like poo” (note this may be from the first run of Poo~Pourri, before new scents were added.).

My fiancée noted that “it is better than the smell of your poop”. That was a seller!

You can purchase it at http://www.poopourri.com/

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