Speakeasy Briefs: a Tasty Whale review

TastyWhale November 8, 2013 0

I purchased these when I was on a Kickstarter binge. I have no shame in that.

After about 10 washes the green and blue pairs have held their color well. The teeth on the zipper on external facing, so no chance in accidentally zipping up some important bits.

The initial colors were a little more subdued, however I prefer the production neon colors:

Initial colors.

Initial colors.

Actual Colors

Actual Colors

The flask is a small, 6oz stainless steel style flask. It has a slight curve to it, which almost acts as a cup for your junk. It fit comfortably during a few hours.

From their own webpage:
“Men’s boxer briefs with a secret zipper pocket. Made in San Francisco with a luxurious blend of Modal, Cotton and Spandex. Speakeasy Briefs are an innovative combination of fashion and function. They offer a style that says, “you should see me in my underwear,” while providing a secret pocket that says, “it’s none of your business what’s in my underwear.” ”

Unfortunately my order didn’t come in time for my trip abroad, so I couldn’t fully test the functionality of the pocket to house a passport/cash for long term.

You can purchase them directly via: http://speakeasybriefs.com/

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