Xbox One Initial Impressions

TastyWhale November 26, 2013 0

Little comments I’ve been sending to people about the Xbox One. Stuff I’ve written down. RANDOMNESS.

The controller is rad. Can use the USB micro cable to charge my phone, or as a direct link to the system (instead of just charging). The rumble feedback in the triggers is so useful, I had no idea. Feels like diving a car etc.

Kinect is amazing, but not without it’s faults. I feel bad for anyone who is ignorantly against it.
You can go into Settings, then see what it sees.
The voice recognition is pretty good! Great that I can tell my Xbox to turn on, turn off, change page, etc just with my voice. This is what Kinect 1.0 was supposed to be.
Sometimes the Xbox overhears you talking about it and then it does things.
Sometimes it sees you gesturing while talking to someone and it thinks you are trying to do motion control.

Forza 5’s Drivatar feature is cool. I like “playing” with friends but when I screw up and spin off the track they don’t see it.
The game is so pretty! Forza 4 was too, but this… I made some sexy noises at it when playing, I’ll admit.
Also, this interaction keeps me smiling:

So far the X1 has better/more diverse exclusives than the 360 or PS4 at launch.

I was initially not a fan of the live-action cut-scenes of Lococycle. However, I think that it was just the very long intro video that put me off. The little videos are funny and entertaining.
Pablo is kind of a stereotype Mexican.
The fact that Pablo is stuck to IRIS, but is often detached from her, I just need to accept. Going back to the default state for continuities sake.

Dead Rising 3 is full of zombies! There is a timer function thing. I’m not bothered by it as much as in DR1. You can replay chapters, which is nice.
So far Nick Ramos (your character) is not a stereotypical Mexican! He doesn’t have an accent and he doesn’t throw random Spanish in (he did speak Spanish to one character to reassure them, that was actually a good bit of character development!).
Funny to me that they talk about “Illegals” and they are referring to people who aren’t zombrex-chipped (or whatever it is called).

RYSE seems to be unfairly discounted as a quality title. You know the brawling in the recent Batman Arkham games? That is this game.
unfortunately, the “defelct/counter” button is “A”, whereas I believe Batman has trained me that it should be “Y”.
I like that your combo meter doesn’t reset between fights! As long as you don’t get hit your combo can keep going up. This is nice.

Snap feature is going to be a necessary part of all future gaming consoles for me.
Being able to watch some idle anime I wouldn’t have had time for while I play a game is awesome. Having a Twitch stream going while racing cars, playing golf, or just dicking around in menus has been so much more gratifying than I expected.


Killer Instinct is a game I never played. I’m not a fighting game guy either. However, I like that this game is all about combos. Even though I hate combos. But I like seeing them! And I almost feel like I can do them… But then I can’t T_T.
There is a training mode that teaches the game from head to toe. Something like 30 lessons. I’m on lesson 9 or so and have learned about Ultra combos. Not sure what else there is to learn 0_0.
I have the ultimate edition or something, so I have all the characters. I can’t give you feedback on what the free-to-play version is like.
I’m very much enjoying the little challenges that I can do and earn credits to unlock special features. Badges/icons, fluff gear, I have no idea what else yet! Feels like little mini achievements.

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