Dead Rising 3 quick thoughts (spoiler free review)

TastyWhale December 7, 2013 0

Just beat Dead Rising 3. It was enjoyable!

Didn’t play on Nightmare mode because fuck that. Took about 18 hours to beat the game doing 95% of sidequests (not including challenges).

Ran into a couple of painful bugs. Ran into some texture pops (but seriously, there are like 500 zombies on the screen at once, so this is fine).
The boss fights are boo-ring.
A couple of plot lines are just… left.
I couldn’t get the Smartglass features to work at all. I’m using a damn Windows Phone 8 with the latest Smartglass app too.

The gameplay is good.
The crafting was fun, though there wasn’t any “random” crafting, only from blueprints you collect.
I’d only played a bit of #1, but it summed up those stories about 2/3’s through, with some extra.
They somehow end the game without any hint of a sequel, and also add more questions.

I look forward to going back through and playing with a friend.


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