Defender’s Quest, quick review

TastyWhale January 25, 2014 0

*UPDATE: omg, played this for another hour. Probably not even a quarter through it. Fun. Very fun! I apologize for the below where I say it isn’t worth the $15… It probably is.

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

This has been entertaining! An RPG formula added to the well known path based Turret Defense game. I believe it is normally listed for something like $15, I couldn’t recommend it at that price. $5 or so in my opinion for the gameplay alone.
However, it has a better story than just $5, one that is…. actually developed throughout. Some funny writing, and easy graphics. unfortunate that the menus don’t match the battles don’t match the cutscenes… A little disjointed.

I enjoy their summary:
Things we didn’t include:
•40+ hours of padding
•Zillions of random battles
•Pointless fetch quests
•Whiny emo kids
•Deliberate micro-management
•Cumbersome menus six layers deep
•$60 price tag
•Always Online DRM
•Threats to ban your Origin account if you ask for a refund
•Aeris dying

You know, it is probably worth at least $10… and I’ve only played an hour of it.

More info about it:

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