Sim City to Include Offline Mode in Newest Update

Tim February 10, 2014 0

Soon, Sim City will return to its rightful location; offline.

According to the blog, the next update (Update 10) will include offline mode. What this means is the user will be able to play in a region by themselves without connecting to the Sim City Servers; the save data will be stored locally on the user’s computer, which means the user will be able to load and save their game to their hearts content. Accidentally lose $250,000 dollars on a stadium event which no one showed up to? If you are a save whore like me this will no longer be a city crippling mistake! Too many times have I lost over 30 minutes worth of gameplay due to random connection errors (Not positive if it is a connection issue on my side, or the servers), and that is a frustration that I could do without.
This will also open up the doors to the modding community. According to the post you will also be able to make and share your own game content as well!

There is currently no release date mentioned, but I for one will embrace the change.

You can read the article here.

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