Quick Nintendo Direct February 2014 Summary

TastyWhale February 13, 2014 0

Quick Summary, written by guest writer Ralph Dozier.

Game Boy Advance games coming to Wii U Virtual Console in spring
More “Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze” promotions
Kart 8 comes out in May for Wii U (YESSS), and has all Koopalings playable.
Bayonetta 2 is still a thing, and still no release date (2014 though)
Monolift’s new game, “X”, looks like FF12+Xenoblade (which is a great thing)
Little Mac in Super Smash Bros 4
Yoshi’s New Island
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3ds) comes out in May as well (editor’s note: already out in Japan with good reviews)
Pokemon Battle Trozei (some weird puzzle game) (editor’s note: must be a follow up/sequel to the other in the franchise)
Steel Diver sequel for 3DS, also a playable demo should be on the EShop now
Some…weird baseball game for 3DS?
Ubisoft has a new RPG called “Child of Light”, which looks great.
NES Remix 2 (if you have a Wii U)

I think that’s all. Also the “Year of Luigi” ends today.

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